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İş Sağlı Ve Güvenliği
İSG Danışmanlık

With our staff with national and international experience in working life; we provide compliance auditing and consultancy services in industrial enterprises, construction works and other sectors on social security, working conditions, labour relations, occupational health and safety, labour law and legal regulations.

Expertise. Quality.  Creativity.

Regulations on working life includes numerous instruments; such as Labor Law, Foreigners Working Permit Act, Maritime Labour Act, Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Act, Unemployment Insurance Act, Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act and statutes, by-laws, circulars enacted accordingly.  It also contains many sub-regulations and guides.

The fact that it is quite extensive and complicated. Accessing and interpreting them is time consuming, not to mention the difficulties faced by practitioners in implementing them. It can cause various problems such as lack of compliance, unnecessary fines and  complications in the management  of workplaces. One way for businesses to overcome these and similar difficulties is to seek external consultancy and expertise.

ERWISE Engineering & Consulting Ltd. Co is ready  to serve you or your organisation in order to provide consultancy, expertise and training needs with its experienced staff in all areas related to working life such as management consultancy and conformity assessment on occupational health and safety, technical support in collective disputes, human resources management, employment incentives, severance payments,  hiring  and termination of employment...

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Let's asses your risks and hazards together

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We are ready to share our international experience

Let's suggest solutions to your problems regarding labour relations.

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